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Dead Military 2(L4D2)

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you, but you should have fixed those bugs before uploading it.

    I finished this campaign in like 7 hours in Expert Single Player Mode. 
    Here is the link to my YouTube playlist, 8 videos for the 8 chapters of this campaign:
    Just copy the link, remove ( \) Between letters of h\t\t\ps, w\w\w & c\o\m, then press Enter
    I lost track of how much time spent to finish this map because of the fact I was kicked out of the game due to a certain game bug because of the map itself. Yet, I know how many restarts and they are 13 restarts across the whole campaign. I can see spamming hordes alerted for every move I take, which is really annoying, but when I keep going for so long after bots are down while I was waiting for one more bot or the 2 bots that died to spawn again, but nothing really happens, it's really bad because the chapters are long in a way. There is something funny about the campaign description, which mostly means that we are fighting zombies in Europe. Yet, the first chapters is called "Zombie Town USA" and you say kill they queen so who will be the queen? The queen of USA? lol 
    The description says it's 7 maps, but when I played it was 8, which was really annoying as the game kicked me out when I was trying to finish the finale, which is 8th chapter. 
    Why would you change the name of the map from "Grave Outdoors" into "Dead Military2"? 
    Even when I restarted from finale, the game didn't end well as the game crashed again before credits show up and before the scene ends. This is really bad and annoying. 
    Chapter 6 was supposed to be the finale, right? I saw "Summon Rescue" and that fire extinguisher thing that exploded for what? for more hordes to come for nothing? What about the "Lower the bridge" sign while the bridge is already lowered? 
    ch1, ch2 & ch3 were passed with 0 Restarts
    ch4 = 4 Restarts 
    ch5 = 2 Restarts 
    ch6 = 1 Restart 
    ch7 & ch8 (finale) = 3 Restarts 
    1 Star rating for all these bugs and for getting kicked off the game. Thank you.

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