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    A good campaign but... strangely enough if it's played on a dedicated server, chapter 2 and onwards will have a bunch of missing models, but this doesn't seem to happen on local servers from my testing. Either way I still beat it with the missing models everywhere lol, and it was alright, but nothing too special, maybe I would've been more impressed if I could see more of the models, might wanna look into that! (Also the commons got stuck somewhere after the first batch of 'em on the finale, probably a side effect of the missing models?) It's a Portal themed campaign that follows traditional L4D format, if you want a breif summary, idk how to describe it beyond that, it plays fine. Also, there's a looot of climbing involved, i pity those who don't know the speedladder exploit!
    • technically there are not any missing models or other content.
      read back other comments from earlier this year, including from the author himself.
      it is an odd behavior we can't seem to properly resolve.
      that's the reason why the vpk is so large because all the content was said to be included.
      however, the author made one last attempt and created a separate optional vpk of extra content linke din the change log.

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