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  • RaphasTesha

    Posted this review


    hilariously bad campaign

    well this map is so hilariously bad that I enjoy it
    Most of the issues:
    - weapons under the saferoom which I can't take but bots can
    - NAV is so bad, bots keep hanging and get stuck somewhere behind, SI sometimes got stuck and die
    - that finale was ass. Getting chase down by 3 tank+horde+SI is not practical for campaign. All the bots was dead only me rush to the helicopter, that was tense and make my heart pumping
    - invisible annoying ladder keep hanging me and long ass ladder up just to get ambush by 3 SI
    - Mazes which lead to nowhere
    - witch spam in chapter 5( just hide in saferoom)
    - This map looks ugly asf
    - map name dont work, have to change it to make it work in the addon
    - What else... I guest that all it

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