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  • The-Medic

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    Fun to play and has elements of CS:S Surfing
     3 tracks to slide on, each has some difficulty to finish
     Infected spawn in the ground so it does not get boring
     The use of the music button is good in case you do not/want to listen whilst riding the course. 
     Good use of the medical station
     Good with friends
     Easy to get back on and retry 
     A fully function able map 
     A lot of your own ideas made it very fun as well
    v.2 Firework podium
          More professional with the texts by the buttons


     Map does not look very attractive
     No poster
     Make arrows indicating which way to go through the water
     Had to use my sourcemod server to be able to turn on godmode so we did not die on the centre part of the slides. 
    Quite easy after a while
    Missing textures
    Bots are still quite stupid


    So I returned to this map and got version 2 working - just a little update from my stingy 7.5 - this is  in-fact a fun unique map. 

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