Super-Block Extension [L4D2] [BETA]

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  • Super-Blocks for every campaign and every map
  • Secret Places
  • Parkour places with prizes



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Developers & Credits

  • Happ


  • AtomicStryker

    Routing paths

  • honorcode23


  • Silvers

    Plugins to spawn items

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Core Mod (Modifying files) - 4 Min

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Version 2.13 Beta

  • Mod
    10-Shot Super Buckshot Shotguns 1.5

    UPDATED TO VERSION 1.5! Now you may pause the game even if using the console and there's no friendly fire. This mod gives ALL shotguns 10-shots of buckshot with stupendous damage, ***********, *********** layers, *********** maximum di...

  • Guide
    Easter Eggs : How to make 6 Tanks spawn at the ...

    Get 6 tanks to fight on all DS maps Find the gnome (one is hidden on each map) and press the secret buttons (one on each map) to spawn 6 tanks... good luck, ya gone need it !) First button is after the house on truck's plate Second is a...

  • 6 Maps
    Funny Moments

    This campaign consists of six maps, on which we have to last for some time. The locations are not connected to each other by the plot, so don't look for any deep meaning here. On each map we will be confronted by specific infected, and t...



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