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    Thanks for the patching up, this one is a classic for sure, very unique experience. I will repost my review of it here.
    Despite how janky this campaign is, I really, really enjoyed it! The map design is creative and interesting and isn't that kind of "bad troll" map design where you die to bs you could never see coming; this campaign actually gives you a lot of supplies, and I mean A LOT of supplies for the many events you'll be facing throughout the campaign, it's almost impossible to run out of ammo! There's some funny jokes to be had here and there as well. There's an interesting section that i remember loathing on chapter 4, right near the end where there's a bunch of witches you have to deal with. In retrospect, I have to admit it isn't actually poorly designed at all. You get a few defibs after the ordeal, and you get tier 2 shotguns to deal with them after explosions occur. Maybe.. it's a bit too close to the end imo, but tbh, coming back to it I appreciate it more now even if it is very scary to deal with. The finale's pretty fun as well, some goofs, shit tons of supplies and scavenge, pretty enjoyable, really really good.

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    本地图建议与好友一起游玩! 建图代码: map hehe33_1 map hehe33_2 map hehe33_3 map hehe33_4 map hehe33_5 map hehe33_6

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