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    Yeah this campaign is quite a disaster. Was it fun? Ehhhhh sometimes yes, but the majority of the time it was frustrating. If the description is unclear, each chapter is dedicated to a particular special infected, so that means there are 8 different chapters (as it includes a map dedicated to common infected as well) and then a special finale map. I was honestly having a good time until chapter 5, which is the smoker chapter, at this point I was getting pretty fed up with the gimmicks. The campaign is honestly not terrible (but not good either), but definitely not for me. It also has a pretty challenging final boss too, which will take you a long time to beat I imagine. The campaign took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to beat.
    Oh I forgot to mention, this campaign has a bunch of custom scripts, so m60s have 600 ammunition, you can crawl, smokers can smoke you from an infinite distance, jockeys move faster and hunters + tanks have terrible aim. To add, I imagine that smoker chapter would be super annoying on advanced and expert although you'd have to be insane to play this campaign on anything above normal lol.

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