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Night of the Living Dead SBS

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  • slappaccino

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    - Fast paced
    - Adds a new style of play to L4D2
    - Easy to get the hang of 
    - Plenty of hordes, the occasional SI, and of course, as Louis would put it, "TANKS!"
    - Not as easy as it looks
    - No lag


    - Was confused about what I needed to do to start the action 
    - Bots tend to shoot the barricade you are building, while you are building it. (smooth! LOL!)
    - Installing metal safe doors can be tricky because it may lift you and/or your teammates outside, with no way back in. So be careful!
    -Why did everybody die just before the final animation ended (after you finish the level)? Bummer! :)
    -That's it, I think. And these cons don't affect gameplay that much. Just adjust your play accordingly if need be.


    First of all; GREAT JOB!
    I had no idea what I was in for when I d/l'd this campaign, but I'm really glad I did. This played like a fast-paced survival map which had you running all over the place, desperately trying to close up the four gaps that were allowing hordes, SI's, and tanks to get inside. 
    I played with bots, but if you can play co-op, you can pair up and get each task done more quickly.
    The fact that there are going to be five maps has me very excited to see more!
    Like I said, my cons are more amusing observations, rather than harsh crits because I really liked the map. Just watch out when installing metal doors! LOL 

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