Hammer from Crysis 2 (renewed edition) - Magnum (suppressed sound ver)

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Developers & Credits

  • l4dkk


  • AR-15 Aro

    Hammer from Crysis 2 (renewed edition)

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crysis2 silenced ...

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Guide
    How to Customize Your Own Bot's "Intelligence"

    Well, everybody sure knows well about how L4D2 vanilla bots work without any bot mods. They can be helpful, but during panic events or players getting caught by special infected, they move like clueless beginners. That sure is frustratin...

  • Mod
    Plague of the Dead (Mutation)

    In this Mutation, only one of each weapon will be available, and only common Infected spawn. The Infected may be slow, but they pack a punch. Only headshots will kill the Infected. If you get incapacitated you'll be auto-revived, but an ...

    • New
  • Mod
    Deployed Military Collection

    Los mods NO son de mi propiedad, han sido recopilados de varios autores. Este mod contiene: Skins de los personajes con temática militar, Armas de colores oscuro, algunas apariencias para las armas cuerpo a cuerpo, items consumibles y g...

  • 4 Maps
    Blood Tracks Fixed

    Final version 4 4 map campaign, new weapons, new music Supports all modes including scavenge and survival Remixed missing credits music Refurbished safe room doors Restored custom icons for custom melee weapons Replaced event tank ...



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