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    - Works (an obvious pro)
    - Accurate recording of the chiptune
    - For those familiar, a nice degree of nostalgia accompanies a successful map run.
    - Appropriate file size


    - Not entirely suited to the overall music theme and scoring of L4D2
    - Those not familiar, or caring for chiptunes, will not see the appeal as readily


    I was, for some nostalgic reason, hoping for the coin sound at the end. In spite of this, I still find myself sneaking this into my addons folder every now and then. Almost makes me wish there was a chiptune music L4D2 replacement pack...
    As my cons are issues of subjective player experience rather than the functions of the mod, they can't affect the score. Thusly, this gets 100. It's well executed and does what it says on the box.

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