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  • kurochama

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    Playable, short but good campaign

    After playing this campaign twice, I guess I'll give some words about this campaign. Despite being short, this campaign is enjoyable. There are random paths on certain maps that make the play more fun. Some areas are explorable. So far, there's no serious bot navigation problem. The guides & highlights are clear. Supplies are enough, but on map 1 players need to be patient go walk for awhile until they find primary weapons.
    Map 1 has randomized paths, so each play will have a chance to go through different paths. Somehow it's rather short during the alarm door event. This map actually still has some potentials to be extended, as it's just too fast to go to the saferoom after the alarm door event.
    Map 2 has a mini finale: scavenge event. I have some helpful suggestions about this. The scavenge finale is somehow too lonely & less challenging. Probably it would be more challenging if there are endless panic events during filling up the barrel, just like on the official campaign "Dead Center" finale where zombies keep chasing survivors during collecting the gascans. That way, the mini finale scavenge event would be more challenging, as there are also many places to camp during waiting the fire to get extinguished.
    The finale is good. However, there are several things that probably need fixing in the next update. The first one is the zombie spawn. During my play twice, I figured out that if survivors run fast enough to the train, they won't face any zombies & special infected. Probably the zombie spawn locations need to be placed to the locations that will get survivors in the way during escape to the train, especially the special infected. The second one is the finale event. The finale event is shorter than the normal holdout finale. There's only one wave of tank, with 2 tanks coming. Normally there should be 2 waves of tank before the rescue time is triggered. Maybe you could extend it to 2 waves of tank in the next update. Then, the last thing to fix is an accessible but tricky path. I found an accessible area during holdout finale in the generator room. There's a window near the melee & pistol supplies on the boxes that players can jump over & go out of the window. But once they go out, they'll be trapped there so they need to restart the map. Maybe you can close that window area, so that players won't be able to jump & get trapped there.
    Well, in short, it's an enjoyable short campaign that can be played with bots or friends. I actually agree with others about extending this campaign. This one still has potentials to be extended to 4 or 5 maps long. I'm looking forward to the next updates, especially when there are any updates about the extended maps.

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    • Hi, thank you so much for the suggestions and the various problems reported, unfortunately for a matter of time i do not think to extend it but only to improve it, thanks anyway. :D

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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