Hot Water

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  • Marcusyaho

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    The house is highly detaild and looks nice
    Sweet poster
    Several camping spots
    Broken walls and barricades
    Map is not small but not big either = good
    Rain storm
    Car explosion
    Navigation working fine at most areas


    Break the wooden poles at the stairs and the rest of the wood floats in the air
    Small house - not a huge problem but bots get stuck somtimes etc
    Turret have a bad angle - it can go throw a wall and its hard to hit enemies near the building
    Lack of supplies like vomitjars, grenade laucher/ chainsaw/ m60 and weapon upgrades
    Some regular zombies and often tanks can climb up on the "balcony" or what I should call it, but then fall down before they can reach me
    Start button is a bit hard to find first play time


    I like your map design and the house was a nice place to camp in.
    I also like the rain storm andt he car explosion surprise!
    The map is working fine. Not more, not less. 
    It have problems like almost any other maps out there and most of it can be solved easy.
    Got a question? Send me a pm

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