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  • Hayabusa969

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    + SMG Glock replacement
    + Nice Detail on the gun
    + Has own sound
    + Same animations as the GLOCK 18 SMG
    + No Bugs, Glitches etc.


    - I wish i had!
      But nothing really
      [ Okay! If you really want one ]
      There is no laser sight slot! only the flashlight slot
      [ Not really a con ] :)


    It's really fun if you're SMG turned into a compact still full auto gun
    And i was getting tired of my previous SMG Glock replacement MOD
    [ Since i alway's see a SMG "Silenced" Glock replacement MOD ]
    This is really the great replacement for it, really looks great
    And plus i really like the sound while it fires away [ Sounds really bad ass ]
    No Bugs, Glitches, Whatsoever a hassle free MOD
    All in all "Fun and Cool" to have this MOD replacement over the usual SMG and SMG Glock

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