SG550 Sniper

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    Excellent bolt animation with bullet casing drops
    Original and smooth animations
    Good gun position relative to first person view 
    "Exeter, NH" - WOOO rootin for this town


    The left hand of the survivor isn't fully, or at least it seems, grasping the gun. It appears as though he's only holding it with his/her thumb and fingers and not resting it grasped in their palm.


    I love the animations for the gun, reload and firing anims being my favorite, just its a bit strange when the left 4 dead 1 survivors hold this weapon because the of the one con described. It looks like the survivor is just cupping his/her left hand then clamping shut onto the underbarrel, so you can see straight through this cupped hand. Looks rather strange, but it looks fine on the l4d2 survivors so yah. 

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    Suburban House Survival!


    This is the layout of my house done in L4D2 This is a L4D2 map still in active development as i receive feedback and change/add things!

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