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    - The Beretta M92 was always one of my favorite pistols.
    - The sounds and HUD icons are quite awesome.
    - Each gun has 12 rounds. In my opinion, it doesn't fit for a Beretta, but it gives variety to the pistols.
    - Black, shiny finish. This is way better than chrome, silver or looks-like-plastic.


    - I really HATE the reload animations. I think, the cz75 animations would fit better on this awesome handguns. -0,5 points taken.


    The Nightstalker Berettas are one of the best pistol mods ever made for L4D2. The sound is great, the look is awesome. Before I found them, I've used Doktor haus' "Beretta 92FS (CZ75 anims)", which has unbelievable ugly sounds that makes the guns sound like Soft Air guns.
    If you're looking for well-designed pistols, do yourself a favor and press the download button. You won't regret this.

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