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MLP OC Deagle - Crossfade

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  • Nosfrat

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    + Surprisingly good considering what it's based on.
    + Seems to glow in low light situations (didn't test it in complete darkness yet).
    + CoD4 firing sound.
    + Worn and scratched, looks better IMO.
    + Custom animations.
    + Dem green sights.


    - The shells should be green.
    - Not the most remarkable color scheme (the blue part).
    - Personally I'm not a fan of reskins that come with custom animations, sounds or scripts, and IMO there should be a "standalone" version without any of those for people who already have conflicting mods, but well.


    Hands down the best non-official MLP reskin I saw so far, I wouldn't make it my permanent Desert Eagle mod but I'll definitely use it every now and then.

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