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    Serjik you have maade my day this is what i always wanted a mod that removes all specials and then i combined tht with shambling zombies and ive got myself my dream zombie apocalypse its really well done thanks soo much for it <333
    • ikr!  i completely agree with you more silent walks would help improve the horror ambience of the gameplay and not be like fight fight fight saferoom then fight fight fight all the time lol so yea i really like this   <3
    • Thanks hide896, you left a wonderful review and me very pleased :) I even read other your reviews and it looks, how you are really decent person and pleasure to deal with you. It's so fun to watch as they disappear and not can cause any harm, and there is no reason to worry. I also tried to avoid long lines in these configs, thereby achieving beauty design. I just wish that people would have less problem in this game, if they suddenly decided to just go for a walk in this world ha ha

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