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  • Emersonrick

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    Good survival campaign

    - A valuable tip before starting the radio is to walk through all corners of the map, this way you are familiar with where the items are positioned.
    - The variety of weapons is quite satisfactory, we have many combat options
    - The health items and bombs in general are enough in the first 7 minutes, but from then on all zombie mobs come in double, 2 tanks, 2 hunters, 2 smokers, etc ... and even if we avoided the maximum wasting pills or medkits, these items end quickly.
    - If you value a suggestion, add more medkits, pills and adrenaline, plus some Molotovs and bile bombs on the map, will allow power to pass the 10 minutes, where chaos is established with so many zombies.
    Thank you and Congratulations.

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Version 1.2 Complete

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