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    • EshmawyMan

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      I really enjoyed, but just 2 issues pissed me! Did it from first in 2 hours, 9 minutes & 2 Restarts [Expert Single Player Mode].

      First chapter told me from first glance that it's going to be a pain in a$$ because of the T2 we have from beginning & the hordes incoming for no reason XD but I was wrong as it went really well and I could find plenty of supplies and the last panic event of that chapter was really painful and I even used the M60 gun as I rarely use instead of my automatic shotgun. Of course I loved the sad music of witch crying as if a baby is crying and also tank music theme. I heard them for the first time in Suicide Blitz Port L4D1 and I believe you were the one who ported it too. All my respect to your maps even if I encounter annoying issues. The music of tank coming before that door on first chapter opened boosted adrenaline in my body and I was like WTF where should I go? I should sacrifice these bots to run, but where XD till the door opened and I just ran and nothing could get me. I even noticed there were 2 tanks, the second one was right behind me inside that room XD but I was far faster. All down, except for me and from the first time.
      Second chapter, according to my memory, started in plain wide open streets which I really liked and I found that alarm car so I shot it while I am inside to save time and HP XD Again, many supplies to find including gas cans and bombs. Thanks to the mini software I added from steam work shop that enhanced bots abilities to carry bombs and even through them along with reviving and completing without me, I feel I found this campaign easier, especially on the chapter before finale and finale too. It was all going well and no periodic common attacks till a wave showed up before I got closer to that emergency entrance. Specials kept spawning even before I opened the door and more waves came so I started it. I expected the same scenario of spawning tanks before that door opens and I was right as a tank spawned outside and when the door opened another tank was about to get me from inside too, but again I was faster and the only survivor in that chapter. Loved how Louis managed to revive Francis or Bill with Defibrilator. It was awesome, but none survived by the end. I did it from first time.
      Third chapter was a rainy short chapter and I loved it. It was considered the shortest with no panic events to be remembered except for few cars with alarm. I didn't believe I could reach the safe room so quickly. No restarts on that good chapter.
      Fourth chapter was totally in my memroy as it was taken from an incomplete campaign called "Infinity Recall" I don't know which one was released first, but I feel that "Infinity Recall" was first. I knew where I would go, expected where the tank would be and where the safe room would be waiting. No restarts were on that chapter and I felt so good to bring that chapter to memory again. 
      Fifth chapter was the worst & the longest and that was in terms of panic events as I really hate run to safe room or run to shut down alarm panic events, but what really ****** me off and decided to take 1 star off was the absence of that note that shows I should run to safe room or run to safety. There were no signs that I should keep running. I stood there for like 5 minutes shooting all zombies coming in endless waves thinking that they would just come for a while then stop, but nothing happened and it was so bad to move upstairs and moving on your way with no idea about what to do next, but to survive and keep moving. Specials kept spawning in row with so short gaps in between. That chapter was really hard for me playing with bots and I got incapacitated in so ****** spots as one of them was by a really nasty smoker. At first time, I reached to the graveyard outside that house where the saferoom existed, but how would I know it was there playing that campaign for the first? I was black and white, then I was down and the advanced AI addon made bots move on, but they were down quickly right after I died. When I managed to pass that chapter I was inside the safe room, but the safe room door was stuck by something that was mostly a dead body of a zombie due to the constant attacking waves of zombies after us. I was about to fall again in that spot and I was almost out of my mind. Finally, I right-clicked the door from outside before the next wave was coming and I managed to close the door. 
      Sixth chapter/Finale was expected to be restarted multiple times due to the fact I was playing it for the first time, but I can't imagine I did it from first time without restarting. The way to the exploding gas cans was so good and I loved the neighborhood there seeing military fences and military vehicles. Once I made a way for us to move out through that wall, It was almost insane and I saw like 2 spitters and 2 boomers coming in row while other specials were not there. Threw my first bile bomb and kept moving to see a stuck hunter and a long bridge to move on. I remember bots were fighting like hell and one bot threw its bile bomb right after me. It was really fun like real players are playing having bots doing it for you and throw bombs. Moved to the wide open space where multiple small blocks existed as each one got staircase to get on with and a big building with stairs too. I was lost what should I do next and was shooting everywhere while moving searching for a way to move to helicopter, to move to safety, but nothing. A bot was down so 2 bots were left with me. I kept moving from a block to another just after a wave stopped for a while and another wave was about to come. The second star I took away from my review was due to the fact I wasn't notified with the next step to take and where to take it which was calling the rescue although it said when I broke the wall that I should run to helicopter or I should bring a melee weapon to move along a long bridge infested with hordes and I am supposed to end up with the rescue vehicle, but it didn't happen and hordes kept coming so I should move and call the radio while fighting. I did so and healed my team, then I moved to a safer block where zombies had to get to us by stairs only which was in our favor and Bill stood almost above zombies so they couldn't move further XD The place, in general, was so fair and fine enough to fight your finale. Much space was there to move and dodge tank circling it around any building. Bots fell one after another, but I was moving, dodging and reviving too and I ended up with 2 bots living. The helicopter came from far away and I felt that I should go up that big building, but waited to see and I was moving in the ground to be in a balanced distance between all buildings to move where the helicopter land and it was above that building. I moved and none was blocking my way. When I moved up, two bots joined, but they almost didn't join and as I remember, 1 only joined while Francis didn't and I felt tank was coming so I had to shoot that bot to fly with the helicopter. I encountered some lagging issues when I moved to that area with blocks like dropping in FPS, but I survived. Thanks for porting such work to us, but those bugs I mentioned need to be fixed. Always thank you.
    • Tpjwm

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      The first two maps and the finale were the problem for me and my pals. The finale had too many hordes and the first two maps' designs were very lack luster. Otherwise decent and might be worth playing.
    • ErrorUnknownGT

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      Muuuuuuch better. No more boring repetitiveness, more maps, and a lot of fun, great mashup. Encountered 0 problems too.
    • xsxhalo

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      I'd give 0/5 if I can

      The title says all

      This review was posted before the latest release.

      • Have you tried this now. It was very raw when you first played it. Major improvements. Even added some kewl events and a few other campaigns. Peace

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