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    • EshmawyMan

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      Thank you, but finale screwed it all

      It took me like 2 hours to get to the end of this campaign on Exert Single player mode. I just wonder what are these images shown on your campaign page on GameMaps? I can't find them on your campaign itself while playing. So from which campaign have you brought these images? I can even see L4d2 characters on those images while I played with L4D1 characters lol
      Finished 1st chapter from first time.
      The 2nd chapter got no ammo piles, no health kits, no pills, no T2 weapons and nothing, but just a "Here they Come" message waiting for us when we left safe room. Really? Only the advanced AI helped on that chapter as when I died bots could move on and get me from a spawning closet. Restarted chapter 2 twice.
      The 3rd chapter was done from first time.
      The 4th chapter was restarted once due to the death right before safe room.
      The 5th chapter was restarted 3 times and on two attempts, I tried to get to rescue, but there was no rescue and I just died while standing there waiting for nothing to come. I feel I wasted so much time playing a campaign with no ending credits and no rescue and you call it "Fixed"? No, sorry. 
      Here I share a link to my gameplay of this campaign on Expert Single Player Mode:

      Edited: July 2023

    • ErrorUnknownGT

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      *REPOST FROM SOURCE Ok campaign. However, there are missing meshes on chapter 1, which seem to be walls or fence which makes it difficult to navigate around. Also, on the second last chapter, it is impossible to press the button on the truck, making it impossible to progress. Other than that I liked. it. Nice map design. Plenty of supplies. No botnav errors. Nice work.

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