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New World Order 2 - Fixed

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you, but finale screwed it all

    It took me like 2 hours to get to the end of this campaign on Exert Single player mode. I just wonder what are these images shown on your campaign page on GameMaps? I can't find them on your campaign itself while playing. So from which campaign have you brought these images? I can even see L4d2 characters on those images while I played with L4D1 characters lol
    Finished 1st chapter from first time.
    The 2nd chapter got no ammo piles, no health kits, no pills, no T2 weapons and nothing, but just a "Here they Come" message waiting for us when we left safe room. Really? Only the advanced AI helped on that chapter as when I died bots could move on and get me from a spawning closet. Restarted chapter 2 twice.
    The 3rd chapter was done from first time.
    The 4th chapter was restarted once due to the death right before safe room.
    The 5th chapter was restarted 3 times and on two attempts, I tried to get to rescue, but there was no rescue and I just died while standing there waiting for nothing to come. I feel I wasted so much time playing a campaign with no ending credits and no rescue and you call it "Fixed"? No, sorry. 
    Here I share a link to my gameplay of this campaign on Expert Single Player Mode:

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  • antiCon and TimelordsRDShite
  • Herbius


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