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    • luubinh109

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      Like description say bot navigation really bad and no highlight object what you need to do, took me a while to understand what i need to do
    • EshmawyMan

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      Thank you, 1 star is off for this.

      Finished your campaign, playing it for the first time in 1hr, 6min & 1 Restart on Expert Single Player Mode. Here is the link to my YouTube playlist, playing your campaign, 3 videos for 3 chapters:
      Just copy the link, remove ( \) Between letters of h\t\t\ps, w\w\w & c\o\m, then press Enter
      It went smoothly across your campaign and I totally understand how the navigation issue existed so thank you for mentioning it, but what I really annoyed me is the absence of instruction of where to put the cola or where to fill the gas cans. I restarted the first chapter once, trying to get to the safe room that I thought it will be accessed from the other side. You never mentioned that I have to Press E and put the cola to the white door unlike when it was with "Pasiri" map, a really hard map that I almost did with bots, except for the finale.
      The second chapter was shorter than I thought, but again, I didn't know where to use all of these gas cans. I felt really bad about it and it took a while until I realized where to do it. Just one tiny highlighted spot to show where to use them. 
      Yes, you borrowed some scenes and features from "No Mercy" map, Chapter1, the underground part and the cola thing from "Dead Center" and the second chapter borrowed the gas cans from "Dead Center" too while the finale was clearly taken from "Dark Carnival", but the music didn't change when tank showed up XD yes, no flares or fireworks needed as no helicopter was going to save us, but the shuttle 
      The rescue scene was one of the most beautiful scenes to travel in space like that. Thank you and keep it up.
    • myljach

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      Short and easy

      Tested on server with sourcemod and 74 plugins, no conflict. Like you say, bot navigation is bad in map 2 and finale where bot not enter in rescue tube.
      Improvements suggestion: 
      level 01:
      - after start switch noise of opening doors is to loud, and later stays after opened, and mess with attack sounds, so u not hear when CI attack you
      - when pass vent, need highlight tractor button, or add message press here
      - after tractor brake fence, need to add like in dead center - info there exist cola, and where to put it to open safe room
      level 02:
      - in Ikea storage 15 cans not gloving, or no message what/where insert cans, so maybe highlight  hole in forklift, and highlight when forklift is full
      - music in Ikea storage is to loud, and cant turn it off, so is annoying, lasts to long 
      level 03:
      - no stairs to stage, need to jump from stairs to tube, and there is button to start finale.

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