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Luna Park

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  • myljach

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    Short and easy

    Tested on server with sourcemod and 74 plugins, no conflict. Like you say, bot navigation is bad in map 2 and finale where bot not enter in rescue tube.
    Improvements suggestion: 
    level 01:
    - after start switch noise of opening doors is to loud, and later stays after opened, and mess with attack sounds, so u not hear when CI attack you
    - when pass vent, need highlight tractor button, or add message press here
    - after tractor brake fence, need to add like in dead center - info there exist cola, and where to put it to open safe room
    level 02:
    - in Ikea storage 15 cans not gloving, or no message what/where insert cans, so maybe highlight  hole in forklift, and highlight when forklift is full
    - music in Ikea storage is to loud, and cant turn it off, so is annoying, lasts to long 
    level 03:
    - no stairs to stage, need to jump from stairs to tube, and there is button to start finale.

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