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    • WuChan

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      Map worked fine

      overall I played the map again and it has some minor mechanic changes. about the finale, they are not random if you are playing from the motel arc. it's based on your action in the area which has indian runner, annie's bar and motel. I don't know the mechanic. I just did full options and got the good+ (I assumed) ending.

      This review was posted before the latest release.

    • kurochama

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      Good old Silent Hill campaign with working finale

      Well, I just tested a quick run on a full play in this campaign as I still remember puzzles of each map. So far, it's playable & glows on items are now added, with only few problems left. Actually I expected to see more supplies especially weapons, but unfortunately, supplies are still too few especially in the beginning of each map. There are also some mechanisms changed when compared to the original one. I'll review on each map in short explanations.
      Map 1:
      - There's an unknown new mechanism that hides the key at dog house. The key is still there, but it isn't spawned normally even after all 3 of 4 keys are collected (4 keys are at an alley somewhere, car somewhere, mail box at a house somewhere, & dog house). In my play, I figured this unknown new mechanism out when I used a special chat command to pick all key items in the whole map with my mod after picking 3 of 4 keys, & the 4th keys at the dog house appeared. So, I think this unknown new mechanism is unnecessary as the original missions were without problem. Or at least a hint is needed at the dog house about how to find a new item/ mechanism required to spawn the key at the dog house.
      - Some weapons are removed & moved. Originally, there were a hunting rifle somewhere at the alley, & a rifle at the construction building. But now, the hunting rifle is replaced with smgs, while the rifle is either removed or moved in the cafeteria.
      Map 2 (school):
      - Caption on the locker is removed. I have no idea if the quest on the locker is removed or not as in my play I still pressed E on the locker just in case if the mechanism was still there. Other than that, there's no problem.
      Map 3 (school 2) & map 4: no problem
      Map 5:
      - There's a scripted witch spawn behind basement door. Bots usually rush when detecting saferoom, so, they'll more likely trigger the witch even before players try to burn or kill the witch.
      Map 6: no problem
      Map 7:
      - Now there's auto mechanism at the altar that forces survivors to regroup. The original version doesn't have it so if playing with bots on original version, players have to push bots one by one. So this is a good point.
      - Bots rush to the saferoom door where scripted tank spawns. Actually this is still the same as the original so this still becomes a problem if playing with bots. In fact, there's already a solution for this in map 6. In map 6, somehow bots can't rush to saferoom if the key isn't obtained yet & once players obtain the key, bots start to rush. This could also be applied to map 7 to solve this problem, so bots won't rush when scripted tank spawns. There might be an alternative solution to block bot's navigation to the saferoom so bots only wait on the narrow bridge instead of rushing, until tank is killed & saferoom is unlocked after tank's death.
      Map 8: no problem
      Map 9:
      - The quests at the resort area (motel etc) can be skipped. The original actually also works this way. Player can skip quests simply by going to the bridge. The quests are actually not that important except to get some supplies.
      - Related to the "skippable" quests, I think blocking the bridge with a locked gate would also be good. You can put the key for the gate of the bridge in the garage (the last room to unlock is the garage with some supplies). That way, players have no choice but to finish the quests first in order to unlock the gate of the bridge.
      Map 10 & 11: no problem
      Map 12:
      - As this one is a randomized finale, I only list a finale I had in my play. The finale I had was at an arena surrounded by pit with ammo & some supplies at the center. The only wall was near the path to the rescue location. This finale has no notification/ hint about how to trigger the holdout finale as it either starts automatically or starts after players roam around for few seconds (it's unclear about what to trigger the finale. Probably a radio or skull near the supplies at the center needs to be added so players can press it to start the holdout finale). There's also no notification when the rescue was coming so players can depend on tank waves, as the rescue is triggered like the usual holdout finale.
      So in short, this campaign is working from beginning to the finale. However, players may be stuck in map 1 for awhile at the dog house because of an unknown new mechanism. I also couldn't figure that mechanism out till the end. Other than that & those I mentioned above, it's good to play. Probably it's better to play this campaign in mutation modes that multiply the number of special infected (like "Hard Eight" mutation mode) or intensify the panic events to give more challenges, because when playing in coop with default settings, many areas are too quiet to explore.

      This review was posted before the latest release.

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