Reviews for LAM 249 M60 (no ACOG)

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    • a_fine_mentlegen

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      -No more ACOG sight (though this could also be seen as a con by some)
      -Animated belt :D
      -M60 animations


      -Laser sight looks kinda strange sticking out like that
      -World model looks like it has some smoothing errors
      -Slight world model clipping, though it's not really a big deal


      A very well done compile! This has a (for now) permanent place in my addons folder. Good job :p Also, did you shrink the model? It looks a quite a bit smaller than Xenecrite's original compile. (Not that I'm complaining; it looks better at this size.) If you didn't, it's probably just the ACOG that was making it look alot bigger than it really was.

      This review was posted before the latest release.

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