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    A campaign with traps, but still good & playable

    It took me almost 2 hours to finish this campaign. The book really can't be judged by its cover. I meant, with such small size, this campaign is really long. In this campaign, rushing will make you receive lots of damage or even get incapacitated, because some traps require caution. However, the bot navigation seems fine & supplies are more than enough, just in case some survivors take too much damage. Some maps give the special infected benefits, as there are some trees, bushes, & cars to hide & then give sudden leap or charge on a survivor.
    - A long campaign.
    - Lots of supplies.
    - Mostly friendly traps, as there are no instant-death traps, but players still need to be cautious because some traps can incapacitate some survivors at once if careless.
    - Helpful instructions & notifications about the traps ahead.
    - Some rock-throwing traps look confusing. Like for example, on map 1, I had no idea where the rock came from. I thought the birds sometimes threw the rock, but that's kind of impossible.
    - The gas leak can be confusing. Usually, a gas leak like that deals damage to survivors, but in this campaign, it doesn't deal damage. So my extra caution was kind of tricked by this gas leak.
    - Some areas are confusing because of lack of directions. For example, on a location where there are some static tanks throwing rocks randomly with some witches walking around, there's no clue whether survivors have to go to the center of the tower or somewhere else. I spent much time looking around to figure out where to go.
    Aside of the cons, this campaign is still playable, & bot-friendly. The key is staying cautious & no rushing except if someone has memorized the locations of the traps along with the patterns. One of good campaigns with traps.

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