Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria

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  • Now including checkpoints and jumpscares.
  • Prevent the restaurant from any intruders.
  • Put Fazbear and friends in place.
  • You have a very limited amount of electricity.
  • Supports Campaign, Survival, and Versus-Survival.


  • CaptainCrap0000

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    Hardest Campaign

    Talk about hard difficulty, I would adjust that to Nightmare because I can barely survive the second night on easy. It took me two tries just to beat that and the rest of the nights. For the first night, hope for the best that you will get an autoshotgun early because a horde of zombies will just come at you nonstop. The hardest night is around night 4 especially when spitters show up and two tanks making the camping nearly impossible especially on singleplayer. The only thing that saved me from the entire campaign is the other mods I have.

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