Blood Hospital 2

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  • BlackMessa

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    Let's make a meaningless campaign ...

    Let's begin :
    I just played the campaign and I do not know what to say to you, sir ...
    I do not know what you tried to do with this campaign ???
    - Different style of map design than ordinary (but it has a lot of bugs, but negligible)
    - A very empty space that repeats itself nonstop
    - Safe house without weapons, without suplies ??? (first aid, weapons, ammunition ...?)
    - A very large number of hordes, caused by nothing
    - Horde alerted by Boomer, alerted by Hunter, alerted by Louis, from Bill, alerted by walls, alerted by concrete, alerted by Tree, alerted by map ??? - Well, let's get screwed then, if this is really kidding...
    - The hordes appear behind the back, they come out of the walls,spawn from ceilings,appears from the moving stairs, come out from all sides ... You just clean one part, hordes appear after 5 seconds ...
    - And what upset me most is in the third level, to pass through the passage you have to destroy six wooden boxes, and each box is full of explosives, which takes away energy for you and your team ... Very stupid and naive from the creators.
    Because the campaign itself is not bad, it's nicely designed and can only be played to make sure there are no faults

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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