• Facility 13 2017
    🏆 3
  • The Light Nights
  • The Convoy
    🏆 4
  • Defense Double Pack
    🏆 4
  • Zombie Swarm
    🏆 4
  • Till Death Do Us Part
    🏆 3
  • 死亡丧钟暴雨版/DeathTollStormMode
  • 静寂时分暴雨版/Dead Air Storm Mode
  • 毫不留情暴雨版/No Mercy Storm mode
  • HeHe8:Taboo Curse
    🏆 1
  • No Way Out v3.0 Fixed
    🏆 2
  • 狂欢节暴雨版/Dark Carnival Storm Mode
  • Let's Build a car V3.1
    🏆 4
  • My Apartment
    🏆 3
  • Strange
    🏆 1
  • Parasite Station 2 Sv. (Halo Reach Vers.)
    🏆 1
  • Coal'd Blood 2
    🏆 3
  • Let's Build: Catacombs
    🏆 5
  • Desolate Survival

Download 76 'Barricade / Construct' Maps for Left 4 Dead 2.

  • 4 Maps

    再见了,南宁/Goodbye,Nanning V4.5 最终版 Final V...

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// - 从心圩街来到电力学校附近的四人组决定寻找其它出路。 - 此地图一共四张,其中一张为生还者模式,因学业繁忙,本来想做到第5关的。 - 每张地图都有生还者,对抗模式。 - 此地图难度较高,请保护...

  • Map

    City Battle / 城战

    此地图仅适用于生还者模式.如果需要控制台创建地图:map city_battle 幸存者准备在这座城市抵抗到底. Only survival mode console mapping is supported:map city_battle The survivors decided to fight to the end in the city.

  • Map


    搬运..原作者:卖馒头的 这个图真的很有意思,希望大伙都能体验

  • 3 Maps

    牺牲暴雨版/Sacrifice Storm mode

    --- The three maps of "Sacrifice" have seen periodic rainstorms --- If you want to create a map using the console: c7m1_docks_storm c7m2_barge_storm c7m3_port_storm Bill,I wish you a good journey! ---“牺牲”的三张地图都有周...

  • 4 Maps

    沼泽激战暴雨版/SwampFever Storm Mode

    --- Periodic rainstorms will come in the swamp --- If you need to build a drawing of the console c3m1_plankcountry_storm c3m2_swamp_storm c3m3_shantytown_storm c3m4_plantation_storm ---沼泽地会有周期性的暴雨 ---如果需要控制台进入...

  • 2 Maps

    不可企及 / Unattainable v1.4

    ◾ Update version 1.4, if you encounter bugs welcome feedback in the comment. ◾ The map is currently the first chapter, will slowly make updates to subsequent chapters. Map filename: 🟢unattainable_1 🟢unattainable_2 Game Ti...

  • Map

    南宁市-蝴蝶桥 v1.1

    /////////////////// - 这是一张只有一关的地图,支持战役模式和生还者模式。 - 它是我刚刚学做图的时候做的,还原南宁-科德桥,当然不是很像,叫蝴蝶桥好了。 - 我已经花费一天修复了已知BUG,希望你能玩的开心。 - 战役Map butterfly_bridge 生还者模式M...

  • 4 Maps

    Let's Build Our Hideaway (Official/Fixed)

    After losing Bill and helping four strangers on their way to New Orleans. Francis, Louis, and Zoey have finally made it to the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, they weren't the first ones here. Proper version with string tables and new versi...

  • Map

    L4D1 CG Scene L4D1 CG 场景还原

    The scene of L4D1 CG animation is made. Go down from the beginning, please go to the right You can play survival mode with your teammates 你可以跟你的队友玩生还者模式 还原了L4D1 CG动画场景. 从一开始的地方下去,请往右走. 地图名 hospital0...

  • Map


    这是我的第二张地图,这里作一个小更新,对已经更新到了2.6 地图会跟图片里的不一样,我指的是关于天气的问题,环境不变,也更改了一些关于nav的问题和尸潮,资源等等 祝你玩的愉快,已经增加了stringtable,防止闪退,也请玩的玩家期待以后出的confusion3...

  • 4 Maps

    Coal'd Blood 2


    The campaign starts in an abandoned bed and breakfast and leads the survivors down into an old abandoned coal mine. The survivors eventually find their way out the other side of the mine/cave to be rescued. Copyright 2015 (& 2018 Steam W...

  • 4 Maps

    The DISTINCTIVE Map Version 2.0

    [Note] This is an old version! So maybe have some problems. 搜索“The DISTINCTIVE Map”以查看所有版本。 Search for "The DISTINCTIVE Map" to see all version of The DISTINCTIVE Map. 注:这是旧版本!!!所以可能有一些问题。 这个版本是版本1.5...

  • Map

    Escape from Nowhere (Reloaded)


    Fortunately you found some lost equipment near a mysterious base. Now you try to use everything you can find to build your way out of that lost place! Reloaded: -Nicer Map -Hint System -Better placed Barricades -Much better Zombie / Spe...

  • Map

    Parasite Station 2 Sv. (Halo Reach Vers.)

    This is a L4D1 port of a survival map by X3Ent3nte FOXHOUND. I love this guys textures and have ported some of his other work in the past. I've been playing with making skyboxes so I borrowed this one from Zombies from Planet X1 by RYOK....

  • Map

    Bienvenue a Zombika

    In an apocalyptic world, rubikien still have to work every day. The pandemic is getting worst, food and drinks are lacking a bit more every day. Until the nightmare appears, there is not a single trace of boose left in Valenciennes. Ru...