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  • EricChang

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    Really challenging maze campaign.

    This is a maze campaign that suitable for playing with friend.^^ The difficulty of this campaign is hard, players need to use the supplies in the campaign properly, such as using Magnum or melees to kill common infected, using main weapons and throwables to kill special infected, and taking pills and adrenaline shots instead of using first-aid kits if players in lower health, bring some defibrillators to prevent the teammates' deaths.XD Players also need to try to make good use of the corner or high position in the maze to fight against zombies and special infected, and even fight against Tank and dodge Witches. Overall this is really challenging but really fun campaign, my friend and I are really enjoy it.^^ Nice work my friend!XD

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Version 2.0 Complete

  • 5 Maps
    Innards2: Into the Chaos

    NEW VPK 4/25/2023 Campaign is now ready, may be more updates if something should come up. This is my campaign Innards just made move difficult and a little different.

  • 6 Maps
    Dead Echo (Fixed)
    Beta N/A

    Escape through urban and rural areas whilst fighting swarms of undead on your way to a deserted old military outpost called 'Echo'.

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    CS2 - P90 HEntai GIF
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    NAME: Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen Episode 1,2 NAME: Lying On Side Creamy **** (Derpixon) CS2 - P90 HEntai GIF

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