Resident Evil 3

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  • Co-Op and Versus Mode
  • Contains 1 Survival Map
  • Instructor Hints Available
  • Music, Sound & Textures From Original Game


  • king_2087

    Posted this review

    Problems with Setup

    I download your campain Resident Evil Nemesis (new) but i dont see it on addons. A play many custom map and know how set it on computer, but now i download it put in addons with another custom map and do see it in the list of campain. Maybe i do something wrong? Can you help me?

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Version 16 Final

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  • 5 Maps
    Parish OverGrowth
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    This is a recreation of Parish called Parish OverGrowth . I made this map for Zonemod / competitive versus.( NOT CAMPAIGN) You can play this map on campaign but there will be no ending and no end credits with stats. The reason for this...

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