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Version 1.0 Final

  • Mod
    17-Shot Buckshot Handguns 1.5

    UPDATED TO VERSION 1.5! Now you may pause the game even if using the console and there's no friendly fire. You can kill any special most of the time with just one shot, and always with a 2nd shot. There's no compromise anymore if you ...

  • Mod
    Cutie Medkit

    Replace the medkit with a cutie heart. Steam Workshop: Enjoy!

  • Mod
    Counter Strike: Source skyboxes (for l4d1 and l...

    This mod replaces original l4d1/l4d2 skies with ones from CSS! Specially for Counter Strike: Source fans! Dead Center -> de_dust/de_dust2; The Passing -> ... (I don't know the name of the cs map, in skybox folder it calls "cxf"); D...

  • Guide
    How to save your custom maps that you downloade...

    Tired of your disk space always being full? Well, I have a solution to that problem. If you have too many custom maps vpk files on your laptop, it takes up most of your disk space. So, I suggest you guys to put all of your downloaded cus...

  • Mod
    All Teen Angst Zoey (arms rig fixes)

    This is an updated version with fixes to its "arms rig". Without going into detail, that lets you use custom items without "stripes" on the screen. Credit to Arby26 for the original model and Crowbait and Zetnus for their fixes. Copyrigh...

    • Updated


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