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Resident Evil 2: Source - L4D2 Edition

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you.

    Your map made me really pissed off. I am one of the real fans of Resident Evil world and I know much about clues and puzzles. It's all fine. Regardless of the unclear items placements, the map finale is buffed and unfair at all.
    Yes, you clearly mentioned that we need to play with at least 1 player because bots are problematic, but I believe it's in terms of the campaign length in each and every chapter, especially ch2 & ch3 while searching for clues and trying to survive.
    But to fight 3 tanks in a tight corner while zombies are joining the party and smokers are spawning in rows from the roof, it's super annoying. 
    Why can't your map finale look as good as decent maps created by Rodry_metal? Their finale is hard, but balanced in all ways. 
    Alright, send us 3 tanks on finale, but make them come 1 by 1 just like any common finale when we fight 1-2 waves of zombies, then a tank joins.  After that, another wave, then the second tank comes. Finally, the 3rd wave and the tank shows up.
    But to make it all happen at the same time and if we don't bring the first tank down, the second tank will spawn and show up from thin air x) Really? Are we fighting ghosts? Do we have enough space and supplies to kick their a$$e$?
    I didn't find a single bile on the way to finale.
     Well, I died on ch2 on the way to cells or garage down there and bots survived as I got the Left4Bots add-on activated and they shut the door of safe room behind without unlocking many rooms, then ch3 was literally skipped because once we started it, the safe room door was closed and we just made it while doing nothing at all as if we spawned in the safe room we have by the end of ch3.
    Not all items are glowing and I believe some items are misplaced. 
    I may give your map a try again, doing it alone with bots on Expert and make sure I complete every chapter without skipping anything to see if I find anything like bile bombs or that lighter to use against those plants blocking the way to get all these incendiary and frag ammo packets down there, which is really tiring and boring, but hopefully this all helps us survive 2 waves of zombies and 2 tanks to have some hope for the 3rd tank. 
    I believe it's still hard, but that bile may help or if we have like 2 bile bombs to keep zombies busy or even use the bile bombs to take off HP from tank.
    I played with friends and it was totally new for them and it took so long for us to finish that 2nd ch. When we were 3 a fourth guy joined, then we all got kicked and restarted the campaign, really? 
    A friend said that this map is the type of maps that will get bugged if a new player joins so we needed to join 4 players from the very beginning and even before we start the map in lobby. The game lagged once for me and when it was back, I was down and about to die.

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