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    My immersion broke lol

    So I love the Outbreak spinoff of Resident evil and pretty exited to try this out and I've come to the conclusion that yes it is playable BUT I feel something needs to be addressed.
    SO I have no real issues with the movement,been using it for years in the other games so I can manage just fine.
    melee not having range isn't a problem but it seems that even at point blank you still miss most of your swings and that's no good.
    Now the real meat and potato's of this thing guns and enemies,so enemies are far more spongy than before,ok not a big deal they move slower to compensate BUT it's too hard to shoot them because my gun jumps all over the place...and not only that I have one mag per gun maybe 2-3 IF i come across an ammo dump and to top that all off I don't even have a crosshair to aim with.
    Honestly I'm fine with everything else but the only thing stopping me from giving 5 stars is the the gun jumping everywhere,that's where you messed up,it was completely unnecessary on top of there being hardly any ammo and less weapon spawns to begin with.
    Also in line with the source material at least have the outbreak team have proper weapon training so why you did that is a real mystery,plz fix and make it shine like it was meant to.

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