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    So nice as your first map

    Firstly, level one got no door to close safe room which made me skip it and start from level 2 which was passed, just like the rest of campaign, on SP Expert Mode from first time. Yes, i encountered like 2 tanks and 2 witches and i killed them all while witch killed one stupid Bot and one tank got stuck till death. Passed it on 10% HP with 2 almost dead bots and one dead Bot from first time which was so great for me. As for level 3, i did love your design there and i always love to see cities or urban environments in game rather than any other type of environment. But Bots got so lame navigation in certain spots plus you limited certain weapons and there was no ammo available at all. I don't care about Witches as they are so easy task for me, but tanks needed more Molotov and some real players to shoot them from so far away with big guns and throw with me those Molotovs and one mistake from Bots = other Bots will go to help then die by tank and no one single spawning room? By starting level 3, the Bot i killed before we enter safe room was still dead and i had to get him from the only spawning room after red brick blocks and killing the witch. We literally have to fight a total of 4 tanks waiting for us and so limited ammo and i also need that shotgun to take witches out with so if i am out of ammo i can't get any ****** shotgun from anywhere and i should clear the way for Bots because if they die no more spawning for them and i will stay alone. Coach will get stuck in that lame spot beside those cars you can't get through while zombies can. Again, i loved how the city looked like but they were coming from everywhere like it's all opened from everywhere. The only ammo bile was there after you literally take all tanks out and kill them all. Another navigation ****  for bots was those bushes after cornfield if we were to circle tank they would get incapacitated by the ***** tank rocks so i kept moving back with Bots every time i encounter a tank to move all the way back to the spot before cornfield to make sure they are not incapacitated. It was really annoying and i restarted it like 14 times until i managed to get to radio that was left in the room while ammo bile and bile bombs were in two different rooms and med kits were separated only 3 kits in 3 different places..Why?! That campaign, Especially level 3, badly needs real players company not Bots because of such errors i was about to give 2 stars out of 5, but when i realized that the last panic event of radio only included zombies attack without tanks i raised it to 3/5 as i stood there was ready to make it on Easy from Expert just in case tanks come and just pass it because it really annoyed me repeating it over and over again with Bots fighting with so so limited ammo and one Shotgun. 1 bullet in grenade launcher?! WTF Why? I stood with Bots downstairs shooting all zombies coming from outside along with special infected and it was really piece of cake for us as we could even reload ammo from that room and move back to our spot downstairs with no worries  as time allowed that and i was really afraid that tank would show up anytime and coach HP was 1 but he survived till the end as we waited till it said Rescue has arrived! and we found a super clear way to climb that building and get on the helicopter killing that waiting hunter and running from Boomer. BTW, thought that we would run to the rescue vehicle because i thought that spot with SOS sign would be our last spot to head to after we start the panic event as we are running in a cube just like in level 2 when you find that a certain spot you see over there will be a further spot to reach in a while. Just in case one day you want to make more campaigns fix Bots navigation and just make ammo bile for similar levels with many tanks to fight and also witches... Good Job.

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