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A Military History L42 Edition

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Really good as your first campaign.

    I didn't really expect to finish your campaign route A that quickly and I believe it's pretty straight on route A. Loved how we started without a safe room door and zombies along with special infected attacked us. I passed the first chapter without realizing that I can switch on these lights XD so I did it all in dark. Didn't expect that your  first chapter will end right after the door panic event. Sufficient supplies were everywhere. I finished that campaign on route A in less than an hour with 0 restarts on Expert Single Player Mode :) Second chapter was so straight and really filled with supplies everywhere to spend and consume the way you want. The spawning place of witch was the same everytime because I restarted the game multiple times for multiple reasons I am going to mention. It was really dark when we started chapter 2 and I realized that time I should switch it on from that machine. After moving on,  I found that door waiting to be opened and expected hordes to come, but they were too few and it was sunny. I was curious to go downstairs and see what is waiting for me there and saw another door that can be switched and I guessed it was broken or not working because I opened another door. Once I tried to open it, a tank spawned far behind us as it was waiting to get startled and it was with a tiny move from our end. We set it on fire while a ****** bot biled the tank thanks to the advanced AI add-on I have that allows bots to pick and use bombs. I moved on and went back to that door upstairs to move to the safe room I glanced once I opened that panic event door and I wandered around to find a group of bathrooms on the far left. Moved to the safe room after killing two bots (Nick & Coach) that spawned into the ground when chapter 3/finale started which was really bad. This issue takes place with anyone dies on chapter 2 without getting revived again. Kept moving with Rochelle in the dark woods and realized that I should answer that radio clicking on it in a way to activate it and start finale, but it couldn't happen because bots were somewhere and aren't with me. I used some commands to bring them with me as I killed them first, then they spawned in the cabinet up that mountain where more weapons and ammo were waiting. I realized that I should start the finale and answer the radio and it worked. We kept fighting whoever comes from the woods and they were taking a while to come to us which was super easy regardless of the pitch black. First tank came and I used my Molotov, but again, a bot biled the tank, but it was generally an easy fight. We moved forward to fight and that metal wall was a sign that it was the road to rescue and that it would open when we finish fighting two zombie waves & 2 tanks as usual. After we were done, the door opened and it was really a good feeling. However, I found 3 different rescue vehicles waiting like 2 cars and 1 helicopter. Once I got on helicopter, nothing happend and bots joined. I wondered what is left to do and finish that chapter. Zombies kept coming from far away and I was afraid a tank comes and I restart for nothing. Yes, the road was wide open and we could move everywhere, but was afraid I would die by director because of moving to certain spots in the game map. I realized the gas tanks highlighted in red, but why didn't you notify us in notes like we find in other L4D maps? That ****** me off really and I was like I am going to die for nothing and restart that chapter for such a forgotten note, but luckily I found a gas can close to the metal gate that was shot and spawned again mostly, but it showed two gas tanks needed to be filled. I tried one and it worked. It was a happy moment for me, but bots didn't join easily as they were bugged again. I think Nick didn't join. 
    After reading all comments on your map, I found that there was another route which is route B that is taken from chapter 2 taking us to chapter 4/finale and that route was through that door downstairs that we can take if we skip that door we open upstairs and move down to startle a tank inside and meet a witch afterwards. The tank never came out of that door as it was stuck, but some hordes came from upstairs or from behind to us. Again, supplies were so sufficient and again a witch got me by mistake so bots resumed and I spawned where bots spawned after I took route A so I restarted, then tank spawned twice behind the door of first chapter panic event and it was a really nice touch, but I hated it like I have to restart over and over again. That time I realized how I could switch on lights to see everthing on my way. The moving camera upon the start of that chapter killed a zombie that was standing alone XD I shall admit the finale or chapter 4 is much harder than how it was on chapter 3 that we get to through route A. Restarted it 4 times and I, again, forgot to switch on lights and was fighting in pure darkness in those tunnels for the first 2-3 times. Plenty of supplies was there, but the way was too dark and I even tried to switch on lights and the button kept moving down again like it's not working till I finally managed to light up the whole tunnel which was something really good. Upon the spawning of tanks for each round, they were mostly stuck and I had to move up close to elevator to make it easy for them to get to us which was so annoying as bots didn't follow properly and they were even falling to tank or losing some HP jumping instead of taking ladders. Upon getting on elevator, no bots joined me there and I had to use another command to move them all inside. on one of times I restarted, I was on elevator, but took time to use some commands to kill ****** bots that didn't join due to an annoying bug and tank then came and the door couldn't close before it got inside and I was going to lose my mind for that death as it was on expert single player mode. I did it again with more focusing on supplies and bots. I loved how the elevator was completely controlled by me as I managed to close the door, move the elevator upwards and open the other door to the other side which was really lovely. More hordes were coming from far away and I closed the door when I saw a tank coming to shoot it from inside till it died. We all moved together fighting zombies incoming to see another tank showing up from far away as I set it on fire while another bot biled it and I set them all as baits for tank and hordes and ran on my way to find the rescue vehicle and luckily I followed a certain ground type which took me to left instead of right to find the helicopter waiting there. encountered some zombies, but M60 did a great job to clear all the way even a special infected would get kicked off with it. The tank was still after me while zombies mostly ran to falling poor bots in the big tunnel while the tank was finally down and I got rescued. Again, the route B finale is much harder unlike route A finale. I wouldn't know about both finales unless I read all comments and reviews. If anyone dies on chapter 2, they will spawn right in the ground when chapter 3/4 (finale) comes. I believe I played a campaign with 2 different scenarios that's called "Revenge: The Final Chapter" and the decision you make will take you to a different scenarios with different climate. I am letting you know so that you make it better without getting players confused as I asked where is the 4th chapter? I believed that you went lazy and found it was enough to release it with only 3 chapters instead of 4 as I saw on other incomplete short campaigns. So route A leads upstairs leads to chapter 3 while route B downstairs realds to chapter 4. Thanks for your work and keep it up.

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