Left 4 Dead Modified: Crash Course

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    Well if you want to play Crash Course with a bunch of more item spawns, this is for you. The minor details were so minute the only one I really noticed was the placement of the alarmed car on chapter 2. (Also is it just me or is the finale a lot shorter, I didn't even have to repair the generator! ((I noticed this on your No Mercy one as well))

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    • Not much was changed by Valve for Crash Course in L4D2, some vehicles and other models had been shifted around, and the searchlight disappeared from view. Though yes, the one difference you will most likely notice is the car alarm on chapter 2, it's a risky shortcut that was taken out in L4D2.
      Restarting the generator on the finale depends on how fast you can clean up the hordes and tanks, I reduced the finale length because some comments from others said it was too difficult. Though I am open to adjusting it again soon.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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    FPS Kit 2.0 Jumper

    This map was originally from a kit you can buy call FPS Kit 2.0 for unity and it has this parkour map in it I just ported it to Left 4 Dead 2, the map is not originally made by me.

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    Dreamybull replace Louis Dont republish to Steam Workshop

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