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Detour Ahead - L4D2

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  • OWM2_M_B

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    Well, it's great!

    Surprisingly its quality is much better than I expected. The design is quite great, in my mind it's actually better than 85% of the campaigns on this website, as its style is very similar to Valve campaings - it has nice pace as well as particularly balanced diffculty. The lighting is also one of the best, although compared to other great campaigns, the actual details may be kind of disappointing, but that doesn't matter. Anyway I do dislike something this campaign offers, for example, the balance of map 4 - it's such a weird thing that I can't find ammo before the panic event. Other than that, this campaign is quite great.
    And don't pay attention to Left4Def. The botnav worked well for me. I smoothly completed this on Realism Expert without finding notable issues.

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