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    This is a pretty good campaign. The map design and atmosphere is great, there's a lot of intrigue, mystery and generally cool layouts. This campaign is not without its flaws though. This campaign suffers from that bug where if you die on one chapter, on map transition you will spawn at the end of the map, in the saferoom, bypassing the entire map, and well, all the bots died, I spawned inside a table so i teleported to them at the end lol (happened on chapter 4). The finale is also very easy (I'm noticing a pattern with these ports) and both finale tanks suicided for me because they could not navigate to me due to poor navmesh. So a flawed campaign but still worth a play I think, it's not bad, pretty creative one.

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    At the gloaming Ⅲ
    Beta N/A

    这是黄昏时刻系列的第三部,幸存者们被飞机抛弃,只好在如地狱般城市求活...... 当前进度(2/4),敬请期待完整版。 建图代码 ATG3_m1_oldtown ATG3_m2_bylane 注:m2使用了其他起源地图模板

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