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Highway To Hell

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  • Emersonrick

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    The campaign itself is very good, very challenging, but if you can add instructors or more tips on ways to go, it would be better.
    I got lost many times, I even thought about giving up or using console to advance, but I restarted the campaign with the BOT + mod and they alone showed me the correct path, if it wasn't for that I would hardly find the paths.
    The idea of fake safe rooms was genius. After a few minutes I could see that it was a fictitious room, congratulations on that.
    Another suggestion if possible, there are many places and rooms that we ended up exploring, but all in vain because we couldn't find anything, adding vital items in these places encourages us to explore every bit of the maps.
    Congratulations and Thank you.

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  • Mod
    Sunaookami "Coach" Shiroko [AI Voice]

    Replaces Coach's Voice with Sunaookami Shiroko (Affects all 2733 voicelines, a majority of it AI generated) CV: Ogura Yui / 小倉唯 I originally wasn't gonna make this public since it was somewhat lacking compared to my vision of it...

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    [ARKNIGHTS] Lappland : Refined Horrormare (All ...

    This is Lappland from Arknights wearing her Refined Horrormare Costume for All Survivors. She is coming with everything that Twenty Doge imported such as; Zoey's Animation, Facial Animations and Jigglebones. I changed her VGUI Icons (Lob...

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  • Map
    The Lost Coast

    Lost Coast is a technology demo for HDR rendering capabilities, featuring around 10 minutes of gameplay. The coast, cliff, and monastery remain mostly untouched. Removed the distant landscape, since they really serve no purpose.

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    Field of the Dead Ext. Mashup

    Note - The sniper can be killed. They shoot at anything moving so you can wait til an event or take your chances then or 5 / 6 well placed shots with a sniper rifle will kill them to great effect :). This mashup campaign is created from...