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Crispin Survival

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  • Marcusyaho

    Posted this review



    Many camping places
    Poster xD
    Map is bigger then I expected
    Alot of challange
    Alot of supplies


    Tree (see conclusion)
    Stupid bots
    Grenade laucher and laser sight would be great
    locked rooms
    No ambient sounds


    I played it a couple of times. One time to test if the zombie NAV is working right and one time to just playing around and check how the map look like and I found a couple of problems:
    1: Go up in the tower and you can jump to the big tree. Its fun sitting there but common infected can't get you and auto spitt will spawn. I suggest (if you want the problem out of your way) move the tree a bit and/or add a clip around the branch.
    2: If you go up into the tower and walk to the egde and start to hang, bots dont understand what to do and walk down the ground and try to help you from there.
    Bots have problems getting into the vent. At least the first time.
    I dont know if you have a grenade laucher and laser sight somewhere, but if dont have it, add it! A big part of the map is very open = perfect for some grenade action.
    Its no ambient sounds in the map. Alot of people miss to add it. I think its important, otherwise its just completley quiet.
    Oh, and btw I think we should be able to unlock the door to the control room. The room with a dead body in a chair you know?
    And the small, small room with a saferoom door was a bit too random :l
    Otherwise its nothing big I noticed. Good for a first map!

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