King Maximilians Fortress

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  • Marcusyaho

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    Enough supplies
    Bomb idea
    Nice idea
    Design is good
    Big map


    No ambient sounds before starting
    Few camping places
    Bug (read conclusion)
    A bit too open
    Bomb idea
    Lack of enviroment


    The bomb idea is on both pros and cons and I will explain why.
    1: The idea is really great 
    2: It looks good!
    Negativ things:
    1: Its glass! If you touch it or melee it, you will see peice of glass
    2: You need to shot 2 times to make it explode. First shoot just remove the bomb, second destroy the barrel.
    The map is big and good, but what I mean with few camping spots is: You can't go inside the castle. Dont know if the doors will open after a while? But I couln't get inside.
    Can't go inside the boat either.
    I found a bug. If you jump down in the waterhole, its no way to get up and infected can't reach you so its auto spitt there if they try to kill you.
    Also, it was lack of enviroment. Almost no trees or anything wich made the areas really open.
    And one side of the map had no mountains or trees what so ever, so could see the end of the map.
    Heres some sugesstions:
    1: Dont add music after starting the radio. Add it before so we can listen do it without tank music and such things.
    It was no ambients sounds before starting so...
    2: Work more with the bombs. Idea is great but need improvements
    3: If the doors wont open at all even with a high time, open it.
    4: Add trees, stables, barns, rocks... anything the make the map less "open"
    Really nice start! Dont know why its "final" I can tell its not finished... Hope you update it. If you do, the review will be changed

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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