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    Yeah this campaign is pretty broken. So on chapter 1 you pickup a large crate which completely blocks your view, I tried turning down the FOV but that didn't help either, so it was impossible to see anything, In retrospect *maybe* thirdpersonshoulder would've helped but that's besides the point; what kind of design decision is this? At first I thought the saferoom was broken, but no you do indeed move this large crate which the game doesn't tell you to do btw, very, very silly. The saferoom transitions are extremely janky. The bots sometimes spawn out of bounds, I spawned hanging on a ledge in chapter 3 and the bots couldn't get to me.. Speaking of bots the navmesh is pretty bad, especially on chapter 1, in fact bots are pretty much useless on this campaign, don't play with them. Now there is clearly some effort put into this campaign with the design of the levels, but unfortunately it's extremely unpolished which really holds it back. It's a pretty short campaign as well clocking in at 20 minutes maximum, 15 minutes if you're quick.

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    Printstream Weampos Collection For L4D2

    Printstream Weampos Collection For L4D2 Printstream AK 47 Replace AK Printstream M4A1-s Replace M16 Printstream AWP Replace AWP Printstream USP-s Replace Pistols Printstream DEAGLE Replace Magnum

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