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  • custom enemies that can shoot at players


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    Cool campaign with custom army zombies

    When I played the earlier versions of this one on steam workshop back then, I was astonished. It's because the bots started to shoot the custom enemies. I played several campaigns with custom enemies & even custom bosses, & all of them couldn't be detected by bots so I felt all alone when shooting those custom enemies & boss. But it's different in this campaign. Bots helped me shoot the custom army zombies & even they shot before I noticed (I used a bot mod that makes bots sensitive to zombies & shoot on sight). I can say that this campaign was the pioneer of creating custom enemies that bots can shoot.
    The designs of maps make it feel like going to World War 2 with lots of destroyed buildings. Custom army zombies vary from machine gunners, flamethrowers, & suicide squads. The damage of the custom enemies is also still balanced. Compared to other custom campaign like "Frozen" that also uses custom enemies, the damage in "Frozen" campaign is still more painful as it has high dps compared to zombie army of this campaign. Actually it would be more fun if there were grenadiers too (that throw pipe bombs & molotovs) & RPG troop (this one could become a threat when players are careless). The challenges are the tank (a real tank) & a custom army boss with supernatural powers.
    The only drawbacks I saw so far are just few army zombies & the simple movement patterns. I think it would feel more like World War with zombies if there are more army zombie encounters. As for the movement patterns, except for the zombie army boss with supernatural power, other custom enemies have simple movement patterns like moving only on one direction. Even the tank moves like this (it would be more challenging if the tank can patrol or even chase some survivors). But as making some movement patterns on custom enemies usually put lots of efforts, I think it's still fine.
    Well, I hope that there would be some sequels for this one later, with new types of army added & new bosses. Probably it's also cool if there's also a special holdout event in buildings to fight against several waves of tank (a real tank), just like in some World War games.

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