No Ware Is Safe - CHAPTER 1

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  • CaptainCrap0000

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    Simple, not bad, but not good

    - The map is linear and easy to navigate
    - Finale
    - Promising display images
    - Pipe bombs
    - The logic of the entire campaign makes no sense. What the hell attracts the horde? No car alarms, no sirens, the horde just starts for no reason and they don't stop around map 2 - 3.
    - Bots don't pick medkits for no reason on map 1.
    - Grammar and spelling.
    - Aside of no melee weapons, no sniper rifles. It's my favorite weapon, I looked everywhere but not a single sniper rifle has spawned.
    Overall, the game is so easy. I finished it in 17 minutes. Dealing with the horde is also easy by spamming your shotgun at them but you're gonna risk wasting a shit tons of ammo. There are a lot of pipe bombs in the campaign which gives a huge advantage against the horde. The entire summary of this game, nothing but a classic doom styled gameplay. Run forward, spam your shotgun at the zombies.

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