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Blackout Basement

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  • EricChang

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    One of the perfect blackout campaign.

    I think this is a very fun and not too difficult map. Chapter 1 is in the dark basement, there are some generators can open the lights, but also will attract some hordes.XD Chapter 2 needs to defend on the bridge, players can stay near the switch and use some throwables to defend against zombie.^^ Chapter 3 will go through the office to reach the basement saferoom. And the finale needs to defend in the train station, there are many throwables and gascans can help players defend against the zombie and fight the tanks.^^ It should be noticed that when the train enters the station, do not get too close to the train in the first place. Players can wait until the train is about to stop before getting on the train. This will prevent the Tank from getting too close to the player before the player gets on the train.XD Overall this is a nice campaign, the level design is very good, it is recommended to play with friends.^^

    Edited: March 2022

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