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  • shayla17

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    Perfect love it just got something you have to fix


    It seems to show its a l4d1 download when you havent gave the infomation of what game it is on 
    i dont like her wearing jeans i like her wearing a skirt with colourful socks Im so sorry to spoil you work i just like skirts better then jeans


    Im so sorry i wrecked your work but it dosent mean for you to start hating me i love it i give it a 9.9 i just need you to add my favourite part of the piece can you make it also replace louis im very sure that makes me happy if u make it these 2 characters but 1 that has brown and red hair Plz keep up the good work just get the missing part of the piece together for me :)

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • Yes, and I would like her in a see through T-shirt and jean cut-offs. However, since I can't make it myself  I will go with the best I can get and this is one of those. If it don't work, address the problem otherwise be happy or don't use. No personal offense intended.

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  • Ryan Trunten / K1chwa / Funreal
  • Trunten


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