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  • under_dog

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    Great Map

    A  good campaign. it works from start to finish.
    Nice Sewers too. LOL
    There are a lot of witch spawns though. I use multiple witches plugin set to 3. there is a lot of witches on map 1. LOL
    I did have 2 issues.
    1- at the safe room in the sewer. I turned right and went to the end of the red hall and got stuck. I had to no clip.
    2-when I took the switch in the sewer, I was standing in the spot where the sign "you got the switch" generated. it went through me and I was stuck there and had to use no clip.
    Also, I could only imagine the terrible smells of death and zombies if this game were real life. let alone zombie flatulence. LOL Strange effect. but different.
    I actually really liked this campaign.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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