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    Alas! A message for those who wanna try this campaign..

    I forced myself to play the first 2 chapters on Expert SP mode because i wanted an end just like any other custom campaign i give a try. First chapter was filled with difficulties especially when you have no primary weapon, but only lame pistols and a melee weapon to be used by me as bots will use pistols much better than me. As far as i remember i managed to pass the first level from first time and i adored how hard to find those grenades or protect those bots when hordes came from time to time with my Axe.
    2nd chapter was a long hell way to safe room on Expert and bots did their best, but they are just bots. Knew for sure that i was going to meet 1 witch and 1 tank on the way to safe room on that chapter. in streets, sewers, buildings or wherever i am gonna meet both and i must get myself ready for it along with poor bots. But such a long way with almost no strong primary weapons until that bar after sewers? So unfair. However, i restarted that chapter dozens of times and made sure i got my bile with me for such a nasty panic event when a bile can't work because zombies will go on your way to that alarm button thing. 
    Totally loved them as new environment to try L4D on and i always love the nights and long ways to safe room, but you should have made it balanced with weapons Strong ones! You shouldn't have given up on such a decent work to disappoint those who challenged themselves playing such a campaign.
    As usual, i avoid reading any comments on any campaign which will may burn some excitement for me before trying it myself so i won't know if it's complete or not before i try it. I even avoid checking those sample pictures up there of campaigns to keep the whole scene for me when i try it (my own way of enjoying something i do love) So 1 Star is fair for such disappointment i have after trying this awesome campaign which was poorly left and unfinished. Hope you are fine. Good Luck

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