Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
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2 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
Final version with 3 levels of difficulty / Version finale avec 3 niveaux de ... More >
Updated 01/30/15
Uploader Zec
Author Zec

2 Highway
This is the Dark Carnival Hotel map setup on the other side of the fence. Gr... More >
Updated 03/01/15
Author Valve

3 Bloody Sunday 2
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Six days after the infection you 4 are still alive, but it's just the beginin... More >
Updated 04/16/17
Uploader Herbius
Author NZN NXN

4 Dead center 20 years later fixed
Dead Center 20 Years Later Survival map by eltoy1337 with fixed navigation fi... More >
Updated 10/21/15
Uploader Mike_HDF
Author eltoy1337

5 Project Auburn L4D1
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
4 desolate industrial environments. Explore a water treatment plant and event... More >
Updated 06/27/17
Uploader Herbius

6 The Final Stand
THE FINAL STAND|| ---------------- Having heard rumor of abandoned anti-perso... More >
Updated 02/03/16
Uploader Roflmahwafflz
Author Roflmahwafflz

7 r.a.t.z.f.a.t.z.
Co-Op Survival
r.a.t.z.f.a.t.z. - referencing a thousand zombie films at this zurvival Thi... More >
Updated 02/01/16
Uploader Grobigrog
Author grobi

8 Red City
2 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Survivors must fight their way through an infested city before holding out fo... More >
Updated 06/29/16
Uploader FearTheFuzZY
Author Pranav Kumar

9 Siege of Minas Tirith
NOTE: I am aware of the gameplay issues and the difficulty. I am making the m... More >
Updated 05/30/16
Uploader flaarisse
Author Flaarisse

10 Defend:Wall
Co-Op Survival
All you have to do is defend the wall after call rescue. Every 10 zombie come... More >
Updated 06/11/16
Uploader a970032

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Miscellaneous Survivors
Tavish DeGroot, the bomb throwing cycloptic drunken Demoman is ready to make ... More >
Updated 03/27/12
Uploader 1337gamer15
Author 1337gamer15

2 Zoey Replaces Witch (Plus) Zoey's Voice
Works with skins on i turned on my Zoey Green Mod so it affected it and yes i... More >
Updated 02/03/12
Uploader monstergaga(l4d)

3 Ghost
Miscellaneous Survivors
Lieutenant Simon 'Ghost' Riley was a British special forces operator in Call ... More >
Updated 02/07/12
Uploader Batman1954
Author Batman

4 Katana Hellsing
a katana reskin i made long time ago. handle was completely reskined, changed... More >
Updated 02/01/13
Uploader k1chwa
Author K1CHWA

5 Vienna Calling 1
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Now for 'Left4Dead 2'! They could take a look at the precious sights of Vienn... More >
Updated 02/23/11
Uploader 44Vmapping
Author 44Vmapping

6 Death Pit 2
Survival Scavenge
Fight in the death pit using the all new L4D2 arsenal at your dispense! Chain... More >
Updated 07/31/10
Uploader Thegreen16
Author Thegreen16

7 Parasite Station2
With New York decimated by the neo-mitochondrial creatures the 17th precinct ... More >
Updated 06/19/12
Uploader X3Ent3nte

8 Drop Dead Gorges
3 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
Originally conceived and heavily tested as a versus campaign, version 2 const... More >
Updated 12/19/13
Uploader cincinnati
Author cincinnati

9 Dead Flag Blues 2
5 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
In a desolate and zombie infested world you and your group try to find some r... More >
Updated 03/06/16
Uploader fmpfmp

10 Dead District
Survival Scavenge
In this map, the Survivors have to resist against bunches of zombies in an un... More >
Updated 07/17/11
Uploader The Mark
Author The Mark

Popular Content (Monthly)
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models. As the last... More >
Updated 11/05/12
Uploader rtsdeathreaper

2 Precinct 84 (2018 Edition)
4 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
After a helicopter crash into a city just freshly hit by the infection. The s... More >
Updated 07/02/18
Uploader Trunten

3 Resident Evil 3
7 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
Things you have to know: -I changed the name (Raccoon City Nemesis) to avoi... More >
Updated 04/23/18
Uploader Rodry_metal
Author Roku

4 Mai Shiranui (Rochelle) [Remove the tail]
Miscellaneous Survivors
Mai Shiranui Rochelle Replacement. Credit. EbolaChan – Original Mai Model E... More >
Updated 06/18/18
Uploader hess1978
Author hess

5 Back to school
6 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
The storyline offer new setting of Borden city, struggling to survive in an e... More >
Updated 01/19/13
Uploader romasm

6 Resident Evil 1
6 Maps Co-Op Survival
An incident with the chopper forces the survivors to get into a big house in ... More >
Updated 04/21/18
Uploader Rodry_metal

7 Death Aboard 2
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
Death Aboard 2 is the convertion to L4D2 of the popular Death Aboard campaign... More >
Updated 08/19/11
Uploader Diputs
Author Diputs

8 Dark Wood (Extended)
5 Maps Co-Op Survival
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------... More >
Updated 04/17/18
Uploader Phaeton
Author Phaeton

9 Silent Hill
7 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Silent Hill styled campaign for l4d. Originally elaborated by Leafo. Later l4... More >
Updated 06/23/18
Author Leafo

10 City of the Dead (Beta, L4D2)
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
IMPORTANT: This map is in Beta and not finished! This means that some of the ... More >
Updated 06/29/18
Uploader Brian78456
Author Jake

Dead St 16 Left 4 Dead 2
Uploader: Herbius
Author: 2049* and ALX
Run around town and DON'T go to No Mercy Hospital to be rescued.  Find an alternate route out thru five grueling maps with our old pals form L4D1.  Cheers everyone!
View Changelog (v3.0 Final)
Updated: 01/01/16   •   Views: 87,936  •  DeadSt16.vpk (116MB)